TIME: 10:00am
LOCATION: The Nunnery, Douglas
COST: £25

Unfortunately, the Litfest Team received word from Sophie Hannah yesterday that, due to family circumstances, she has had to cancel her visit to the Isle of Man in September.

Sophie has kindly agreed to conduct her Dream Author Masterclass over zoom, at the same time on the same day. During this exciting masterclass writers and aspiring writers will learn how to massively increase their chances of success, how to thrive as a writer, and how to retain full control over their writing dreams.

You can choose to stay home and join (in your pyjamas if you fancy) or we are also looking into the logistics of streaming it in a Douglas venue. If you are keen to join online but don't have zoom, please let us know and we will let you know where we can accommodate you.

 You can book tickets for this event here:

 For those who had already booked on the event, please contact us for a code to use for a discount off the ticket price.

Home - Sophie Hannah


TIME: 9.00 AM – 3.30 PM

Schools’ Day remains the cornerstone of the Litfest calendar, seeking to inspire the island’s youngsters with a love of reading and writing. A team of authors, poets, illustrators and storytellers—both local and visiting—will visit between 20 and 25  primary and secondary schools throughout the day, delivering readings, workshops, talks and performances.  

These visits are provided completely free to any schools that wish to be involved, and we love hearing how inspired and engaged pupils are every year.




TIME: 7:30pm
LOCATION: Peel Centenary Centre, Peel
COST: £15
Suitable for adults (16+)

Ben Haggarty is back at Manx Litfest once again, this time with his incredible one man storytelling show: Greek Myths Unleashed.

A girl raised by bears, Centaurs intent on rape, maniacal kings, troublesome boars and bitterly feuding deities contrive the bloodiest race ever to stain the soil of Arcady. Audaciously reshuffling epic Greek mythology, Ben Haggarty brings to the stage a fierce tale of a remarkable virgin hunter and devotee of Artemis, who sure as hell doesn't want to have anything to do with men. Here the veneers of classical civilisation are stripped away, and the truly awesome implications of the tale are made, sometimes unbearably, clear.

Spend a moonlit night in the company of wild women, cocksure warriors and gods unleashed.

An old friend of Manx Litfest, Ben Haggarty is a world-renowned contemporary storyteller, who creates and performs tales inspired by fairy-tale, myth and epic. He has appeared at such prestigious venues as Shakespeare’s Globe, The Barbican, The British Museum and the Cheltenham and Hay festivals, to name but a few. Ben’s many awards include the Honorary Professorship of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin, and a British Citizenship Award for the Arts. His graphic novel series, MeZolith, is published by Archaia-BOOM. The Times calls his performances “vivid, rich and imposingly epic” and The Independent says, “Haggarty tells his stories with enormous gusto and relish.”

We are delighted that Ben will be back with us, not only for a thrilling performance on the Friday evening of Litfest, but also to run a storytelling workshop on the Saturday.

Ben Haggarty