Estera joins Manx Litfest as sponsor of Schools' Day

Sep 28, 2018 2:26:00 AM

Since day one, inspiring youngsters to read more and to write more has been at the heart of what Manx Litfest is all about.

Schools' Day is one of the most important ways that we give children - of all ages - the opportunity to meet and learn from authors, illustrators, poets and storytellers.

Each year we send a team of authors, illustrators, poets and storyteller (both visiting and from the Isle of Man) out around Manx primary and secondary school, and this year sees 26 school visits across one day, with one - The Bookshop Band at Castle Rushen High School - taking place on Wednesday, as the band were sailing home on Thursday.

We offer the visits FREE to schools who wish to get involved, and we hope that this year's Schools' Day - which takes place today, September 28 - reaches many pupils and inspires those who love reading to read more, perhaps try new genres; those who love writing to do more writing, maybe enter some competitions; and those who don't read much reading or writing, to maybe find a spark to ignite their curiosity.

Delivering this package for schools isn't cheap, and we are hugely grateful to welcome on board a new sponsor for Schools' Day 2018 in ESTERAworld-leading provider of fiduciary and administration services.

The staff at Estera are getting involved too - several have volunteered as drivers to ferry our authors, illustrators, poets and storytellers between the various schools around the Island.

Thank you once again, Estera, we are delighted to have you join the Litfest team.



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